Major e-sports and video games platform. We are working to connect all amateurs and professionals of cyber sports and gamers all around the world by allowing them to broadcast, watch, comment and chat from wherever they are.

Watch various videos simultaneously

You want to watch favorite cyber game tournament, but cannot decide which broadcast to prefer? We’ve solved this problem! Set the channels and enjoy various broadcasts simultaneously.

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Discover vast video game broadcast database and find that E.S.F.X. TV is a habitat of the most dedicated and highly-skilled gamers of the planet. Whether you’re first-person shooter player, experienced eSports strategist or massively multiplayer game fan join E.S.F.X. TV community and find everything you love.

Key Events of gaming industry

E.S.F.X. TV features all key gaming events. Large-scale cyber sports competitions, video game industry events, the most prestigious awarding ceremony shows in the gaming world and that’s just a small part of what we have.